I would like to answer an interesting question – should we heal ourselves by using pharmaceutical drugs or should treat ourselves spiritually with the help of Gof ?

First of all, we all know the drawbacks of pharmaceutical drugs :
they cause side effects and addictions. Moreover, they often cause more serious diseases than the one that is being treated. Yet in spite of all that, most people still fail to turn to God for help with their health, because they have a lack of faith.

Drugs can only alleviate your symptoms – pharmaceutical drugs usually can not heal you. On the other hand – When we read scripture, we find nowhere that God orders Christians to avoid doctors or drugs. In fact, we often see medical treatments praised as a gift from God for the benefit of people. But people forget that prayer and faith could boost the medical treatment and increase your chances of success so we should use both medicine and prayer, but if possible we should always try to reduce the reliance on unnecessary pharmaceutical drugs if that does not threaten us to incur any health problems and we should increase our faith on God. Because drugs are designed only to reduce your symptoms. But I would like to emphasize that when I say try to reduce the number of drugs I mean try to reduce unnecessary drugs only – for example if you can’t sleep properly for a night or two is it really necessary to take that pill ? Do you understand that there are many people who got addicted to sleeping pills and can not sleep without them at all ? Or if you have a tired eye – is it really necessary to take those eye drops ? Do you understand that due to rebound effect your eye condition will get worse after an hour or two ? If you suffer from depression, is it really necessary to take those pills ? Perhaps you could try light therapy first which will not cause you side effects. Always try to reduce the unnecessary medicines that you are taking because the only entity that can fully heal you is God. Only in very few cases do drugs can help you to fully heal your disease by itself. You definitely need help and support from God in order to heal your disease.

I would also like to emphasize that you should always consult a health expert or your doctor before adjusting your regimen because I am not a doctor – I do not have the medical education.

I think one of the reasons why this world is collapsing now is because people have put their faith only in money, drugs, etc. and not in God.

I remember once I was in a Christian meeting and the pastor asked the auditorium how many of them were healed by God at some point in their lives and I was really positively surprised by how many people raised the hand. God can really help you.

God can cure your diseases if you have faith. I am not saying that you should quit all your medicines, yes, in some cases it’s impossible to do that for example if you suffer from serious pain or asthma and you really need to reduce symptoms, however, if drugs are not essential or if there is a possibility to reduce them then you should definitely consider doing that and while you do that you should increase your faith on God which means you need to pray to Him and Jesus as well as implement some other spiritual tricks which I will talk about now step by step. But as I said before only reduce unnecessary drugs, do not risk your health by quitting essential drugs – doctors are a gift to us from God.

Step by step instructions on how to heal spiritually
First step on how you can heal your disease spiritually is :
1. Pray as often as possible. When you ask God for help please make sure you ask in Jesus name and you should address Jesus directly as well. If you lack ideas on what to pray about in your prayer then I have a really cool video in my Youtube channel on what to pray about and prayer ideas in general – please go to my youtube channel after watching this video.

Prayers often take a long time – do not get discouraged if your prayer is not answered from the first. Sometimes you need to pray for months or even years – never give up. It would be also wise to learn all the tricks on how to pray in order to improve your odds, you can learn that by visiting my website and going to “how to pray” section or even better – go to my Youtube channel and listen to the “how to pray” video. You can also subscribe to my channel.

2. Speak victory – this is extremely important. Our words have a spirit and our words often lead to manifestation in real life of what we speak about. So please make sure to always speak positively, every day pronounce in words “I am healed” “I am blessed” “I am healthy” “I am prosperous”. Do not get discouraged if nothing happens at first, you need to be patient, because one day for God is like a thousand years for us. Do not speak in future tense, speak as you have already achieved something for e.g. pronounce “I am fully healed”. When you talk to other people always take the opportunity to speak positively about the prospects of your treatment and current condition, if your medical condition is in a bad state, you can say “I have some challenges, but I am sure my condition will improve soon and I will become fully healed”. Always make sure you speak victory and positivity and you will attract that. That’s the secret of manifestation.
3. Step 3 : Use manifestation tricks – have an exercise book – in one page write “I am fully healed” and in another page write with pen your gratitude remarks to God for whatever positive that happens in your life for example you woke up today and you had some nice food as well. I know this trick is hard to believe but do your research – it really works. For example you can type in “How to manifest a wish” in Google or Youtube. Give this practice lots of time – it may take a year or two, because as I said one year for God is a thousand years for us, but hopefully you will manifest your good health much sooner than that.
4. Do not forget physical laws – eat healthy diet, exercise, allocate time for recreational activities such as walking in the park, listening to music or going to museums.
5. Do good deeds – if you are rich you can donate some money to the poor or just simply treat people more kindly and nicely and always be helpful. God can bless you with better health as a result of that.
6. Avoid sins – even gossip and white lies can become a serious sin and this could reduce your chances of healing.
7. You can take vitamins in order to improve your health.
8. Quit addictions such as smoking or drinking alcohol. God really wants to help you with that, in fact I quit smoking after approximately twenty years of smoking. You can give up a bad habit with prayer, keep praying until your prayer is answered. Do not get discouraged if it does not work from first time.
9. Educate yourself more on spirituality and know the future as well as the present based on Bible – explore – it’s really important to educate yourself now, because Christians are waiting for the Final Judgement events, everything is moving towards that directions and there are numerous solutions for Christians only. You can learn all about them on my website and Youtube channel.

1. Avoid occult practices such as yoga, homeopathy, herbalists, etc. Do not use them – it’s against God’s will.
2. Do not quite medicines if they are essential e.g. asthma, pain, etc.
3. Always research the best and latest pharmaceutical treatment rather than using old drugs. For example if you suffer from cancer then please research “T Cell treatment” or “immunotherapy” or any other modern treatments rather than just “chemotherapy”. Sometimes doctors fail to catch up with latest treatments.

In conclusion, always put God first. Doctors can be viewed as God’s gift to us, a means through which God brings healing and recovery. At the same time, our ultimate faith and trust is to be in God, not in doctors or medicine. Without God medicine may not help you. Do not quit your medicines or try to reduce them if they are essential for your health.