How to avoid world hardships

Current tough times revolve around God and everything will become worse and much worse but He has at least several escape plans for God‘s people – become a child of God, here you will find information on how to protect yourself from the coming economy crisis – you will find practical information, not philosophy. Please find some time to read everything.

Christians and Catholics are awaiting a seven year period called „Tribulation“ (please google it) – these are especially tough and cruel times. I advise to fully read this article, because if Christians are right then you may suffer a lot without this information – does Christianity, Bible and catholic faith associate to you with conspiracy theory, sect, etc. for you ? Probably officially you are a catholic yourself, just without having had a Bible in your hands in your life so it‘s better to be educated and enlightened, so I will start with what newspapers been writing in 2020 and then connect the dots to where it leads to :

  • In 2020 many countries started experimenting with „Universal basic income“ – it‘s a system when governments are paying every citizen an allowance, no matter if they are disabled or an old age pensioner. Finland, for example, is experimenting by paying over 500 euros a month to a small group of its citizens – if this works out, then it will pay everyone. More info – Google „Universal basic income“ – many countries have started this experiment indeed.
  • In 2020 and 2021 cashless societies are being discussed much more often for example there were articles that Sweden has almost renounced cash and China is fast approaching this goal too.
  • If you read newspapers, you can often find words „the end of an era“ or „the beginning of a new era“ in various contexts.
  • If you listen to music now you can often hear words like „heaven“, „paradise“, „coming home“. Turn on radio and listen and look for clues and signs – you will soon find them if you are insightful.
  • In the Bible it says that before the seven year tribulation period there will be „birth pains“ – people will be mean (ungrateful, worshipping money, self-loving, stuck-up, arrogant, children will be disobedient, etc.), there will be wars (e.g. Russia – Ukraine) and rumours of wars (for example Taiwan – China, Israel – Iran, etc.) and there will be various astronomical signs and signs in the nature (earthquakes, etc) including plagues. Coronavirus is the plague and it is the most obvious sign of these end times.
  • Because tribulation means tough times now enter into Google „economy will crash“ – currently many newspapers, youtube clips, etc. claim that a new super economy crisis is awaiting us – banks may fall, hyperinflation may come up, dollar may collapse and so forth. It‘s best to type in „economy will crash“ into Youtube.

In this article I will try to connect the dots and explain what awaits us probably very soon. But before that there is 97% chance that you believe in science and not in God. So briefly I will cover that (sorry if I look like a boaster) :

  • Science of economics – before 2008 crisis I predicted it with one day accuracy, I sent an email to my friends with a warning about it, I could even prove it. Does it not strike you that something is odd that some religious fanatic knew about economy crisis ? The best part I was struggling with maths at school and I have zero knowledge about economics. Do you believe in science ? And now economies will collapse because of money printing especially in America, but afterwards there will be a digital system without cash but eventually you will have to sell your soul if you want to use that money permanently.
  • Science of medicine – in one session of my attended Christian meetings the pastor once asked the audience how many of them were cured by God. 30-40% raised the hand. If you go to a meeting of chemotherapy patients how many hands do you think will be raised there ? (PS Medicine and drugs are sometimes helpful and can be a gift from God, but we should not solely rely on them but also depend more on God). Einstein has once said, that it is insanity to try the same method over and again and expect a different result – doctors are doing exactly that by prescribing drugs for 15 years and expecting that the person will improve during the 16th year. It does not mean that you will say a prayer and automatically become cured. God has said that sins distances us from Him and sometimes we need to persevere for a long time with prayers and even if God does not answer them – it does not matter – our suffering in this life may be unimportant in comparison with what awaits us in heaven. Unfortunately, many people look at God this way – I asked, did not receive help so I quit faith. Do not make this mistake and do not give up faith and do not give up on God, because He never gives up on you. Prayers often take years to get answered.
  • If you think about anything more wisely then science always becomes illogical, for example the sun is shining, because it burns according science, but what is burning there ? Tyres, coal, super diesel ? No physical matter could burn for thousands of years with such intensity and continue to last like that. And how did human language come up ? People were travelling back and forth between villages (there was no radio or TV) and they were suggesting on how to call things with certain words ? Think of anything – did you think Einstein came up with his theories by himself which are only now confirmed by the most complex technologies? No, he was God guided and inspired and he did not think up his ideas all by himself. We could also prove that evolution theory is nonsense, but I don‘t want to write a book, in a nutshell – God created science in 2 seconds to test you, if it had taken him six seconds then you would not only admire but also worship science.

What is awaiting us ? No one knows exact dates although economy crisis with hyperinflation can start any time, even now, but it‘s best not to set dates. Hyperinflation means that a loaf of bread can cost EUR/USD 20. It may be important to have gold and silver for this crisis. There is plenty of information that gold and silver prices will skyrocket e.g. Youtube „Gold prices will skyrocket“ or „silver prices will skyrocket“. Silver may be a much more profitable option, but it’s best to have both silver and gold. I don’t know, maybe it is best to have the metals in smaller weights due to possible hyperinflation. Money can lose value, it may be possible that it is not necessary to invest thousands because in Venezuela where there was recently hyperinflation people can buy food for one family for 1 month for an ounce of silver which currently trades at approximately EUR 30. It’s important to buy physical gold and silver, NOT virtual ones that are saved in remote vaults. Be careful with pawnshops, it‘s better to check the prices at proper dealers and investment companies. I am not a financial advisor and you need to investigate everything yourself. It’s very important to keep money in cash, not only in the bank due to possible cyber attacks (e.g. from Russia or China) or blackout events (e.g. from cyber attacks or solar storms) or also a likely bail-in procedure in the upcoming economic crisis in which banks may seize your money.

What is the reason for tough times ? According to Bible we are very close to the Judgment Day – soul harvest, some go to heaven and some go to hell. According to me, God wants to clean up the world from godless people who started committing piles of sins and behave meanly in general and they turned away from God. People have turned away from the truth as well – those who gullibly believe the mass media and do not seek the truth may be VERY cruelly punished by one certain erroneous decision which will come one day (the microchip implant in your hand or forehead).


Even if prayer does not help it is important not to be angry with God, perhaps he has a better solution, never give up on Him, accept God‘s will (e.g. Job was being tested by severe sufferings and hardships – he lost everything but he never murmured against God). Prays often takes years to get answered, work on your patience. It is important not to test God with things like „Do this if you exist“ and various unimportant requests – God is much more serious than a magician so don‘t test God – He knows better what you deserve but there is no harm in making more important requests, for example „please help me to quit smoking“ – you can easily give up smoking if you are lucky and your prayer gets answered, but do not get dismayed if it fails – persevere and think of areas where you can improve so the prayer does not get blocked. Sometimes it is necessary to pray for a long time (e.g. years) too.

Also God‘s word is that in present times there will be many false prophets and seducing spirits so it‘s important to be careful and stay away from religious organizations such as mormons or Jehovah witnesses, but I think there is nothing wrong with various Christian meetings and gatherings, in fact meetings are encouraged in Bible. But it‘s crucial to put hope and faith in Jesus and not in people and you need to think independently because there are many different opinions in religious matters – it‘s best to have your own head 😊

What are escape plans from the coming tribulation ?

You know the plan by yourself, know it since childhood – what was the main idea of Bible and God‘s Word ? It is – if you believe in Jesus Christ you will have eternal life and you will not perish, but for most people it‘s a crazy idea and they don‘t understand how it could help them, especially in tough times. Now I will explain it – God may have several escape plans for us :
1. Rapture
2. Martyr
3. Survival

1 Plan – Rapture
Those believers who are knowledgeable about Bible are expecting an event called Rapture – it‘s a crazy idea, because it implies that God‘s people will be extracted from the world in order for them to avoid tough times and they will go to heaven (their disappearance will probably be blamed on aliens by the media). The only thing which divides Christians/Catholics is that there is a dispute among them of when will the rapture take place – before, during or after tribulation. I believe that rapture will take place before the tribulation and could happen any time now, no one knows the date – do not try to guess it (thousands of them were proven to be wrong already). Also there is a Second Coming event which will happen after the tribulation in which Jesus will judge people.

By the way before Second Coming there should be signs

  • Especially strong earthquake
  • Sun eclipse
  • The moon will not give its light or can become red
  • Falling stars

Until then there may be fake Christs who will claim to be Him – in the Bible it says that Jesus’ second coming will be like a lightning in the sky.

In a nutshell – no one knows the date of rapture but it‘s best to always be ready. It means don‘t do sins (it may occur accidently, then we apologize and confess), do good works (but don’t overvalue your good works, we are saved by faith, not works) and pray to Jesus.

On which day will rapture happen ?
I thought I had it figured out but God told me off for trying to predict dates – don’t do this mistake – do not predict dates, most often they are incorrect.

2 plan – Martyr

One day antichrist should turn up. Obviously he won‘t call himself to be antichrist, in fact he will act as a world saviour. His new rule is being prepared but today‘s excessive cameras on the roads (will be probably used to persecute Christians who refuse the microchip), strict laws and regulations, etc. There will be miracles, something very unexpected will happen, and everyone will believe in the antichrist figure. People may live in poverty and he may offer or be in support of universal basic income (free money for everyone !) but he will insist on worshipping him. Those who refuse will be killed. In Bible it says, there will be a mark on a hand or forehead without which people will be unable to buy or sell. I think this may be a microchip implant. For example, in my country Lithuania it was on the news that the microchips are being produced here too, in Sweden (Google „Sweden microchip“) thousands of people have already tested and taken on some kind of chip on their hands, I heard on the radio that in Lithuania animals are being currently microchipped and on Youtube it shows you will be able to ignite or open a car with that microchip. However, everything will come down to worship issue – you will not be able to buy or sell if you do not worship antichrist and the chip may be the symbol of this. If you take the microchip implant then you will live fine for 3,5 years but afterwards you will be EXTEMELY SEVERELY punished by God for such foolishness and worshipping antichrist. You will suffer and be tormented for ages and ages, those 3,5 years are really not worth it. On the other hand, if you become a martyr and choose death instead of the microchip implant then you will automatically ascend to heaven and live forever. It‘s really very very crucial NOT to take the microchip implant. Stupidity of taking the microchip may lead you to eternal fire. More info – Google „Mark of the beast“

3 plan – survival
There are people who feel that the world is becoming unstable and invest millions in bunkers and food supplies – it is wise to do so, however, huge stocks of food and water alone will not help you because only people of God will escape the tribulation. You will encounter very tough obstacles – for example in 2020 there were swarms of locusts in Africa and Asia (Google „Locusts“) – it‘s only a sign, because the locusts that will come during the tribulation will be ruthless and according to Bible people will beg for death but the death will flee from them. Locusts will only leave people who have the seal of God so it’s important to pray now and become Godly now in order to get raptured or become protected by God. I think it is best to prepare spiritually, not physically, but I think it’s wise to have some physical preparation like food water solar energy water filters etc, but it is important not to rely solely on it but ask for God’s support too. During the tribulation there might be safe places for Christians to hide prepared by children of God (the 144 000), however, I am not sure how many of these places there will be. Please contact me if you are looking for a safety place during the tribulation perhaps I will be able to help in future.

How to prepare for rapture ?
1. Pray to Jesus and God the Father and Holy Spirit.
2. Sort out your personality and character – no one wants people in the kingdom with character and caprices. Don‘t judge people, you are not a judge, don‘t slander or gossip, don‘t lie and two hundred other features of character are also important.
3. Seek ways of how to do good deeds – the best job is to spread the gospel, because you can only take people to heaven – houses and cars are useless. Do NOT overvalue your good works – we are saved by faith, NOT works.
4. Don‘t be hypnotized – darkness is already here, the truth is pretty much obvious.
5. Quit occult practices – don‘t practise yoga, meditation (although there is biblical meditation – it means daily contemplating the Word of God from Bible), don’t use horoscopes, future prediction, avoid fortune tellers, drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. Try to quit addictions with a prayer.
6. Read Bible, although it may be difficult. New Testament is easier to read (end times chapter is at the end of it).
7. Jesus has said that he will reject many believers as they refused to follow the will of God which also includes 10 commandments :

  • I am the LORD thy God.
  • No other gods before me.
  • No graven images or likenesses.
  • Not take the LORD’s name in vain.
  • Remember the sabbath day.
  • Honour thy father and thy mother.
  • Thou shalt not kill.
  • Thou shalt not commit adultery

There is strong evidence that sabbath day is Friday sundown – Saturday sundown, not Sunday (Sunday was pushed through by pagan emperor Constantine), it‘s best to worship everyday. By the way, you can not do any work or hire workers during sabbath day.

You can not hide sins if there are no cameras – God even knows all your thoughts throughout your life and easily remembers them.

What are the ways of communication between God and a person ?
Church – you make mistakes or sins in life and the pastor may mention it during the mass (obviously without naming you personally 😊)
– there are priests who before mass get special thoughts, but they have to write it down quickly because they easily forget it. I know one person non-priest for this method of communication too.
Voices in the head –
there are priests and non-priests who hear the voice of God or Holy Spirit.
Bible – you may find facts about your life while reading the Bible – how God does it I don‘t know
Computers – this is the main way of how God talks to me (I thank Him for that). I find Youtube clips which encourage me about my life, tell me what to do and teach about not committing certain mistakes or sins that I happen to make sometimes. God also communicates with me via numbers and many other ways.
Music / Movies – all people have songs where they feel that it is as though it is being sung about them. When you get closer to God you can come across tunes where almost half of it is as though being sung about your life events. Likewise, same with movies.
Dreams – many of them are nonsenses, but in exceptions can be a prophecy. Although, there are people who communicate with God by dreams, but you need to have a God‘s gift I think in order to interpret them.
Through other people – sometimes words being said by another person can come from God.

In conclusion, there are many ways of communication between the God and a person and if you seek Him he will establish a connection with you.

I am not interested in vaccines and I don‘t need them as we need to trust in God not in these dodgy chemicals (ps the true effects of the vaccine may clear up much later).

How to predict disasters ?
1. Establish when do we have Jewish Shmita year, which go every 7 years (Google). Crisis in the past – 2001 dot-com crash and 9/11, 2008 America crisis, 2015 China crash, in 2022 we had a war in Ukraine and it could be said that we have a recession.
2. Once you figure out when the Shmita year starts, type in „Economy will crash“ into youtube to determine a more accurate date and learn more about consequences of the coming crisis, although there are many false dates. Youtube is a God‘s platform, many truth spreaders are there, I think it is the only independent source of information that is left out there nowadays. Usually crisis takes place in September or October (at the end of the Shmita year)

Shmita year Event Relevancy
2021-2022 War in Ukraine
Economic recession starting – currently we have inflation, logistics supply chain crisis, energy sector crisis, Evergrande defaulting in China like Lehman brothers in 2007, etc.
2014-2015 China economy crash High (not in September or October, but in Shmita year)
2007-2008 US Financial crisis Classical (in September)
2000-2001 9/11 Classical (in September)
1993-1994 Bond market crash Low (quite small crisis)
1986-1987 Black Monday crisis Classical (in October)
1979-1980 Early Recession In Shmita year, but not in September or October
1972-1973 OPEC crisis (oil increasing in price by 200%) Classical (in October)

As we can see from the past – only 1994 and 2015 went through relatively quietly during the Shmita year in the last decades. But nothing is guaranteed with the future for example the 1929 crisis did not get in into the Shmita year, but I think that’s an exception. However, I think now we will accelerate with disasters so Shmita year can be come less relevant – we will have disasters and wars more often, especially during the Tribulation period which will commence after 7 year peace treaty with Israel (I think it may be the one that Saudi Arabia is preparing, there is some information that Saudi Arabia prince is the antichrist).

What will change after the crisis ?

There should be a gold and silver age and rush. The value of gold and maybe even more silver should increase many times probably due to dollar collapse or hyperinflation. Silver may be faring even better, but it’s best to have both gold and silver. Hyperinflation means that money will become worthless, but there is a chance that crisis will start with deflation, either way, the end game is hyperinflation.

How does God advertise gold and silver ?
1. Music
– in the recent past there were many songs which include words like gold and silver.
2. Signs in streets – pawnshops may have visible signs with Gold labels, it wasn’t like that before.
3. Youtube platform – type in “silver prices will skyrocket” or “gold prices will skyrocket”.
4. Shop loudspeakers with advertisements that include word “gold”.
5. Newspapers may use idioms with word gold at higher frequency than usual.If you don’t believe in sings then please type in “Gold as a hedge against inflation” and you will find lots of scientific data that gold can do well in the upcoming inflationary environment.

Gold may not be necessary for children of God since no one knows the date of rapture, but no one is guaranteed in getting into rapture, so I think it’s wise to buy some gold and silver and participate in the wealth transfer. Don’t worship gold or silver – buy it, hide it and forget it. Put hope in God and Jesus – not in metals. It’s best to buy physical gold and silver (not virtual) in small weights due to possible hyperinflation.

Alternatives for gold
Real estate – I think it’s a massive bubble which will get pricked.
Stocks – may crash 80 or 90%.
Money in bank – you may lose it due to “Bail-in” procedure used by banks or hyperinflation. Make sure you have some cash for the possible cyber attack or black out.

Why there will be digital currencies ?
Digital currency is necessary for this world in order to fulfil Bible prophecy “no one will be able to buy or sell without mark of the beast”, it will be a microchip implant in your hand or forehead in and your eternity will depend on it (hell or heaven), it will happen mid-tribulation – whatever happens – never take the microchip implant, it is much much wiser to become a martyr.

it may be wise to have some cash on you – don’t hold all your money in the bank due to the possibility of a e.g. Russian cyber attack or a bail-in procedure during the next financial crisis (banks may take your money). I talked about the importance of having gold and silver already. Also have emergency plan for 10 days of turbulence just in case, because God usually rescues at last minute and we might seem some non-boring things in this world before rapture lift-off !

When will tribulation start ?
We will know the start of tribulation by one certain sign – 7 year peace treaty with Israel, other than that you should not pay much attention to any date-setting – it‘s only guesswork and should not be taken seriously. (As I said before, Saudi Arabia is already preparing a peace treaty with Israel – it may be the one as there is some info that Saudi Arabia prince is the antichrist, although I am not sure).

Interesting movies about Shmita years :

Don‘t wear necklaces with crosses, don‘t wear any magical or good luck bracelets, necklaces, don’t make yourself tattoos, don‘t use magical crystals (e.g. “healing” Himalayan salt lamps), quit New Age nonsenses – it‘s all occult, I would advise to get rid of horrible movies and music, avoid pork as it is not healthy, get a “Zero Water” water filter for your water. Don‘t cross yourself – it‘s a sign of death. Don’t wear crosses – If Jesus was killed with a guillotine would wear a guillotine on your neck ?

Occult practices
Don’t practise meditation, homeopathy, yoga, sorcerers, wizards, fortune tellers, mediums, horoscopes etc. etc. – some of these practices are controversial but don’t risk it – God opposes occult practices. Even himalayan salt lamp is occult, bracelets can be occult for example if they are good luck bracelets or have magical or other dodgy symbolical meaning – you need to be careful. I advise to type into Google the following sentences :
„yoga is demonic“
„homeopathy is occult“
„occult bracelets“
“horoscopes are against Bible”
“God opposes occult”

God‘s name

Do you know what is the name of God ? If you type in this question into Google you will get an answer „Yehovah“ – I was surprised by that and asked many Bible experts about it and they all confirmed that. But it does not mean that you have to apply for a membership at Yehovah Witnesses – I think they have the same problem as most religious organizations do – they mix the truth with lies and I would advise to stay independent of religious organizations although Christian meetings are ok. By the way, in the Bible it says that those who call upon the name of Lord will be saved, I am not sure how it will take place, I think there are better plans, but still I thought it‘s worth mentioning our God‘s true name.

Money and God
Although before I have stated that having too much gold, silver, money, etc. can be idolatry but I have changed my mind, because now I think that if you donate a lot of money to poor people now and you intend to use your future profits with gold and silver for gospel spreading and charity then it’s all ok. God does not want us to be poor – he wants us to be prosperous.  However, you need to be inconspicuous with charity giving, no one must see your good works because otherwise you will lose God’s rewards. Also, love of money and gold can still be idolatry, so make sure you don’t love and worship money, gold and silver.

Another tip
Pay less attention to main stream media – they can brainwash you and you will go back to science. Read newspapers and watch TV only if you can separate the truth and where you are being manipulated. It‘s best to just watch top articles not to miss the most important news and ignore the rest, because you get so much immoral and wicked information about crimes, etc. that it is really important to avoid negative content. And one more thing – God told me not to look at some particular women on the streets too, but it’s a difficult task 😊

Who will survive
Spiritual people – Jesus people 😊
Paranoid people – those who pursued conspiracy theories and cracked them instead of just laughing at them.
Children I think until the age of 13 or maybe even 15.
Christians should not fear death, because the most important thing is where you get to – heaven or hell, because you will spend eternity there. Those who believe in Jesus and try not to do sins will get to heaven no matter what happens in their life.

When you start researching faith turn on the radio – soon you will understand that many songs are trying to awake people and give hints, signs and clues to people, even individually, song examples :
Kesha – we are who we are
Imagine dragons – whatever it takes
Katy Perry – wide awake
Shakira – don’t you worry
Taylor Swift – only the young
Bebe Rexha – last hurrah

More tips
Love God the Father and people around you.
Treat others the way you want to be treated.
Believe that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour.
Type in Youtube „Jesus teachings“.
If you earn a thousand euros – donate ten percent to beggars or charity.
Forgive your trespassers otherwise God will not forgive you.
Baptize to Jesus in a lake or river or a bath tub – find a pastor. It’s important to do this (NOT the catholic baptising which may be useless).
It‘s much easier to read New Testament than the Old Testament.

How to befriend with Holy Spirit ?
1. Don‘t do sins, don‘t crave physical needs e.g. overeating, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, it‘s best to fast sometimes or do intermittent fasting, e.g. eating from 10 AM to 6 PM
2. You must read Bible, because Holy Spirit is being poured out then, ask for the help from Holy Spirit to understand Bible when you read it. God sometimes communicates to a person through Bible.
3. Pray to Holy Spirit – ask to show signs and guide you in life and speak to you
4. Don‘t look at Holy Spirit as energy or force, but as a person with feelings – never insult Him, e.g. if you feel strange sensations in your body thank Him for filling you; if a voice in your head happens in a public place, drop everything and divert all attention to Holy Spirit – never insult Him in any way and be grateful that He is trying to become friends with you.
5. Every day worship God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit in prayer, songs, etc. Singing may be very important.
6. Speak in tongues.
7. Pray to God the Father to fill you with more Holy Spirit
9. Invite Holy Spirit to speak to you by prayer

Holy Spirit blocks
1. Physical desires (obviously love may be a good thing if it‘s in marriage, but excessive food, smoking, excessive alcoholic drinks, etc. is a no-no)
2. Unwillingness to change your ways
3. Sins
4. Bad emotions
5. Lies / Gossip

Pray and read Bible in silence and listen after prayer.
When you ask God for something and don‘t hear his voice you may sense peace which means approval – that‘s a way of asking for God‘s advice.

General tips
1. Don‘t complain to God with crying. God does not like people with „poor poor me“ attitude.
2. Don‘t be scared.
3. Fast e.g. intermittent fasting by eating from 10 AM to 4 PM only.
4. Pray for other people, then there is a better chance that your prayers will be answered.
5. Pray for governments.
6. Don‘t pray to or worship angels, they are only God‘s servants. Angels show their attention if you often see repetitive numbers like 111 or 222 etc. or if you see a white or a black feather on the street or find a cent coin.
7. Be obedient to God the Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit. Obedience is more important than giving alms.
8. The most important God commandment is to love Him and people around you.
9. Don’t test God e.g. “do this, do that if you exist” – God is much more serious than a sorcerer or a wizard – we need to trust God and not test Him with unimportant requests, God knows better what you need and sometimes He just works mysteriously.
10. Don’t have sculptures of angels, crosses or anything that resembles heaven and the sky; don’t mention God’s name without reason, for example don’t say “Jesus” “Oh my God” etc.
11. Laziness is also a sin – if you don’t have energy pray against the spirit of laziness, pronounce words “I am energetic” and try to work hard.
12. When you become a believer you will notice that lots of people around you will become hostile to you even if they don’t know about your faith – take it as a good sign – it is written everywhere that you will be persecuted.
13. Don’t overestimate your good works – you can be saved only by Jesus’ sacrifice, by faith and not by good works so that no one would boast.

Next world – Paradise with Jesus 1000 years
Next world – Eternity

Lately Amazon, SpaceX and other companies have launched thousands of satellites into space, there were articles in the newspapers claiming that astronomers are complaining that they will not be able to see the sky soon. I think there might be a massive deception with these satellites as they can produce holograms with so-called miracles e.g. aliens or Jesus Second Coming (fake Jesus), you may research projects such as Google „Project blue beam“ although I am not sure if it‘s truth, but if it is it should start with archaeological findings which alter our perception about religions. Either way – worship God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit no matter what you see in the sky, no matter what the media tells you, etc. There might be a huge deception.

In the Bible it says, that when Jesus was on the cross he was surrounded by two criminals – one of them mocked Him, another asked for help. To him Jesus said „today you will be in heaven with me“ and fulfilled his promise – it does not matter how long have you been a believer. There are very approximately 2 billions of Christians/Catholics – if you are not one of them don‘t you think there are smarter people than you among them ? Although that may be a bad argument, mind is not such a big advantage in this life.

Main tip – we need to pray as often as possible and to read the Bible as often as possible
The beginning of prayer should mention the name of Jesus, for example – „Dear Heavenly Father, I address you in the name of Jesus Christ“, it‘s also important to say prayers to Jesus directly (e.g. thanking Him for his sacrifice) and Holy Spirit (e.g. asking to convert your family and friends into Christians or to show you signs in life)

Prepare for eternity, not the end of the world
Research everything, e.g. youtube “rapture”, “tribulation”, “Jesus Christ”, “second coming“

How to escape hell ?
When you participate in the court don‘t say „I stole because I wanted to help my child“, say „The sacrifice of Jesus redeems my sins“
During your court session you will get a “life review” – don‘t close your eyes – you will see your life and how you impacted other people with your actions and behaviour and how you caused them to feel. Watch everything and don‘t stop the process as you may be temporarily get transferred to hell if you interrupt the life review. The purpose of life is to learn and this review will get rid of your negative energy.
2. Forgive yourself as you have committed sins while being godless. Guilt attracts hell, it‘s important to change your ways instead of beating yourself.
3. Forgive your trespassers, otherwise you will not be forgiven.
4. Be humble, put hope in God and Jesus and not yourself.
5. Confess and admit everything (don‘t lie), ask for forgiveness as God‘s word is „ask and you shall receive“. Do not trust your good works – only Jesus can save you.

Important criterion of where you will end up (heaven or hell) is how you treat other people. There are people who are in hell for contempt of other people, without having done any war crimes. Watch Youtube „near death experience“. Since people nowadays are turning wicked and many will take the mark of the beast (the chip) the percentage of people going to hell may get a lot higher. It‘s important to learn about everything as according to some research – people in hell constantly scream.

For me the hardest God‘s commandments were lies and gossiping, because most people tolerate white lies or telling the truth about someone which is still gossiping – you must avoid all these things, not even the smallest lie is allowed although it‘s so hard to avoid it. God hates lying and gossiping. Listening to gossips is not allowed either. Gossiping is revealing a secret about someone which may damage his or her reputation – even though the information is true it is still gossip. If someone pushes you for some information it‘s better to say „I can‘t tell you“ rather than lie. Holy Spirit is also called the spirit of truth so you can imagine how you will grieve Him if you tell even the smallest lie. Bible mentions about talking slow – it can come in handy in order to avoid gossiping and lying, because sometimes we do it accidentally.

How to hear God‘s voice ?

  1. Renounce physical needs – try to eat as little as possible, don‘t smoke (give up with prayer), don‘t get drunk, love is allowed in marriage only.
  2. Expect that He will talk to you, but do not be obsessed with this idea as God sometimes chooses other means of communication.
  3. Sing, worship God The Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit
  4. Read Bible
  5. Meditate upon God‘s word in the Bible (think about it)
  6. After prayer – listen

How to fulfil a wish ?
God has created the world by uttering a word and He created a man to be similar to Him … A human being is the only being in the world who communicates by words (and he is similar to God) … our words have a spirit, our uttered words drive us to circumstances that lead us to the fulfilment of our said words so if you want to fulfil a wish – pronounce it with words and you have to believe that and it is important only to speak positive things. You need to repeat words often so that the Universe knows you really want it. This is called affirmations. The key is gratitude for e.g. if you say “I got a better job with a higher salary” then you need to thank God for the money that you already have. It’s best to speak in present or past tense “I received money” because if you say “I want money” or “I will get money”  it will be negative energy because the Universe will understand that you don’t have it. The affirmations that I often say are “I am energetic”, “I am prosperous” and “I am blessed” because then blessings start chasing us. Don’t share your plans with anyone until you implement them. You need to put in work, for e.g. if you are seeking a better paid job start looking for it. Give God and Universe time, be patient, fulfilment may take time. Think joy and happiness.  Affirmations can be various for e.g. “It’s easy to get money because I put in work” or “the money is all around me”. What I liked from the “Secret” movie is that if you feel joy you will attract more situations of joy, whereas if you think of how to get out of debt you will attract more debt – think of abundance. Pray to God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ and ask for the help of subconscious before falling asleep. Best time to say affirmations is late at night before sleep because subconscious is most receptive to you then.

Best affirmations (pronounced words)

  • I am grateful for all my blessings.
  • I am blessed.
  • I am healthy.
  • I am prosperous.
  • I have God’s favor in my finances, health, etc. or simply to thank for God’s favor in finding bargains in a shop or something like that.
  • I am successful.
  • If you are a woman instead of buying creams you may pronounce „I am getting younger“.
  • I am strong and energetic.
  • I welcome joy into my life.
  • I received a well paid job.
  • Money comes into my life in expected and unexpected ways.

Give plenty of time for this project to work, often manifestations may take a long time.

How to fight bad feelings ?
Believers are often attacked by thoughts that you are not saved and in general by filthy thoughts (Jesus was tempted by devil as well when he was fasting and was in weakness). When you get a bad feeling for example that you will not be saved or fear you have to say „it is written“ and cite the Bible, because when you become a believer the devil really attacks your thoughts. You have to say „devil, I reject you in the name of Jesus Christ“ and say „it is written“ and cite :

When you are being told that you are not saved :

Romans 10:9
if you confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Saviour and believe in your heart that He got resurrected from the dead you will be saved

When fear attacks you
2 Timothy 1:7
“God did not give me the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind“

When you are being told that you can‘t do it:
Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength

When you are being condemned :
Romans 8:1
There is no condemnation for those who are with Christ

When you are feeling bad :
Psalm 27:1
“the Lord is my light and redemption – whom shall I fear ?”

When you feel like a loser:
Isiah 54:17
“No weapon formed against me shall prosper

When you are being asked how will you survive financially
Philippians 4:19
“God will provide my needs according to His riches in the glory of Jesus Christ ”

How will you accomplish everything
Psalm 23
“Lord is my shepherd”

How to avoid filthy thoughts ?

Devil can send believers very filthy thoughts – it is important not to react with fear, anxiety, shock, etc. but just say to yourself calmly „this thought is against my values, it is a silly thought and it is not mine“, I say „stupid silly intrusive thought“ – we can not control all our thoughts that pass through, but it is important not to accommodate them for too long but just to reject them without strong feelings or emotions and don‘t pay attention to it. Also, fear attracts filthy thoughts. If you say to a thought „stop now“ „stop immediately“, etc. – that will worsen the situation. You need to calmly direct thoughts to nice ones, because whether the thought comes back to us depends on how we react to it – do not react with anxiety, fear or shock.

In summary

  1. Pray to God the Father and Jesus and Holy Spirit.
  2. Read Bible.
  3. When you ask believe that you will receive.
  4. Forgive your trespassers – that’s the most condition for a prayer to become answered.
  5. Rejoice in salvation, think “one day in heaven”.
  6. Do not be stuck-up, proud or arrogant – God hates pride more than any other sin.
  7. Worship God and be humble.
  8. Don’t do sins, gossiping, lying, etc. if you make a mistake – confess and ask for forgiveness – do not cover up your sins.

How to pray ?

  1. You need to start the prayer with “Dear Heavenly Father, I address you in the name of Jesus Christ” but it is also important to pray directly to Jesus and Holy Spirit, for example thank Jesus for his sacrifice and saving you, ask Holy Spirit to convert your family members and baptize you.
  2. Always start the prayer with giving thanks to God for how he helped you in your life.
  3. Apologize for sins and mistakes.
  4. Ask humbly, but with faith that you will receive it.
  5. Sometimes you need to continually pray for something,  it may be that an angel has been dispatched and you need to continue praying – if your prayer does not get answered within a month you may contemplate your behaviour for example perhaps you are gossiping or lying or mistreating other people and that’s why your request gets blocked. Sometimes it may take years for a prayer to become answered. Ask God to give you patience.
  6. Don’t look at your relationship with God as to “how can I get something” – you need to pray and worship God for who He is and not because you are getting something. Never complain or murmur if your prayer remains unanswered, when we get to heaven we will forget our worries and then it will be explained why we had to suffer.
  7. Pray for your family and friends.
  8. Forgive your trespassers in prayer.
  9. When you thank God, sing to God (there are many songs on Youtube), apologize for mistakes and sins and pray for others – then the chance gets increased that your prayer will be answered.
  10. If you have problems you can pray against the spirit of negativity, laziness, fear, lust or pride (these habits have spirits).
  11. Prayer is communication with God, not just requests when you are in trouble. If your wife or husband would communicate with you only by making requests when they are in trouble you probably would not like it – sometimes you just need to talk to God about anything and it’s important to ask for advice on how to lead your life.
  12. You can ask God to close doors for spirits from non-marital acts of love.
  13. You can ask God to assign angels for you for your protection.
  14. You can ask God to fill you with more of Holy Spirit.
  15. When you start the spiritual journey it is important to get baptized in water e.g. lake or river in the name of Jesus – try to find a pastor.
  16. Praise God – e.g. say to God “It is wonderful that you are so mighty and created heavens and earth and you still care about a small being like me”. You can also praise God by lifting your hands when you sing – it’s a symbol of praise.
  17. When you start the spiritual journey it’s important to apologize for your sins, God will definitely forgive you.
  18. Pray as often as possible and read Bible as often as possible – this is perhaps the most important advice in this writing.
  19. Pray a lot to Jesus too (e.g. thanking Him for sacrifice and ask Him to write your name in the book of life).
  20. Pray emotionally, not monotonously.
  21. When you pray – close your eyes or look at the sky – not entirely sure which advice is better.
  22. Reading Bible improves the odds of your prayer being answered.
  23. You can show the seriousness of your request by fasting.
  24. Always thank God and humbly confess your sins.
  25. If you lack ideas on what to pray for – God is seeking people who could pray for persecuted Christians, for helping every sinner in your town or city get salvation.
  26. Sometimes rather than asking God to fix something – you may ask God to give you the patience to wait for the solution. One day for God is as a thousand years for us so sometimes it may take time (e.g. angels are dispatched to deliver your prayer request but they encounter demonic resistance on the way).
  27. Ask God to be with you during tough situation.
  28. Swing the sword – pronounce things with your mouth – e.g. if you are not energetic – say “I am energetic”; if you are poor – pronounce “I am rich”.

In summary, four most important factors for your prayer to be answered :
1. Forgive your trespassers.
2. Confess your sins and apologize.
3. Pray with faith that you will receive.
4. Address God the Father in the name of Jesus Christ.

Advice on when to turn to God the Father, when to Jesus and when to Holy Spirit
If we ask for advice how to behave and lead the life we can ask God the Father (we should do it every morning); when we need help with earthly problem we can ask Jesus because He lived here; when we apologize we can approach God the Father; worship and thanks can go to all three; We can ask Holy Spirit to show signs in life, to make us be everywhere at the right time in the right place, to help other people become Christians or to receive „speaking in tongues“ gift so that Holy Spirit could pray for you.

How to recognize if a thought in the head is from God or devil ?
Main factor – whether it matches with the Bible for example somewhere in the Bible it is written that we need to pay taxes so if you get a thought on how to ingeniously save taxes then this thought is from the devil.

Purpose of life
Main purpose – preparation for the next life in heaven (paradise); in more detail – 5 purposes :

  1. For God‘s pleasure – we have to love and worship Him. We were created for God‘s family – God wanted a family, but not everyone is a member – you have to choose for yourself, that you want to belong to God, nobody will take you by force.
  2. To love other people. When we get to heaven so that we would know how to behave. God created us so that we would be similar to Christ. We bring character and what kind of person we became, not cars and money.
  3. Grow spiritually.
  4. Serve God by serving other people.
  5. God created us for a mission – you will have to explain yourself to God what you did in this life with your talents, money, etc.

How does God test love for others ?
Leads us into unfriendly unlikeable people or when you become a Christian then people in general become hostile to you even if they don‘t know that you believe in God (that’s a  good sign).

How does God test patience, anger and other character features ?
Traffic jams, traffic lights, queues in the shops, computer malfunctions, etc.

Research Google / Youtube „Jesus Second Coming“ and pray that Jesus takes you into rapture before the tribulation begins.

Tribulation (seven years of tough times) events

First half – three and a half years – this half is easier to survive

7 year pact with Israel (will be broken in the middle).
„Third Temple“ building in Jerusalem.
Antichrist deceives with fake peace, will talk against God, there will be a false prophet and miracles – Satan will give power to antichrist and his false prophet to make miracles.
Two prophets (probably Elijah and Moses or Enoch) will spread gospel. 144,000 evangelists may be operating too.

The middle
Antichrist stops animal sacrifices.
Abomination of desolation – an abomination in the eyes of God will be put in the temple – then people in Judea must flee to the mountains and not come back for belongings if you are outside etc. Abomination of desolation may be for example a statue/altar for antichrist in Jerusalem temple. Then starts the second half (3,5 years).
Mark of the beast – a chip in your hand or forehead – if you take the chip you will live for 3,5 years fine but then you will be extremely cruelly punished by God – eternal torture (no rest at night); if you refuse the mark (the chip) and get killed (martyred) – then you automatically go to heaven and live forever.

Second half – three and a half years
antichrist sits in the temple and pretends to be God; persecutes Jews; cruel God‘s punishments for the world (angel trumpets announce them) – it will be really difficult to survive this half. Jesus comes back – destroys antichrist and new era begins.

Signs in the world
When Egyptian pharaoh tortured Israelites God sent him warnings through Moses – hail, blood water, locusts, flies, etc. Have a look at what signs are present in the world :

Google „Locusts“ (2020 Locust swarms, BBC uses words “biblical plagues”).

I noticed that lately hail occurs in Lithuania even in spring and summer with small ice cubes.

Blood water
2021 Youtube „Flood-water in Indonesian village turns red“.


I spent last summer in the seaside and I saw lots of flies similar to hornets by the sea, hairdresser said there are plenty of them in farmsteads too.

God warns us a lot and I think there are very few unused signs before the show (we even have comets, asteroids, red moon, burning forests, etc). Therefore I have a reason to believe that rapture and tribulation are very close.

The most valuable information
Greatest wisdom is a fact that we overcome Satan when we testify personally to another person by words about what God‘s word says about what Jesus blood does to us.

What does Jesus blood do ?
In Him Jesus we have redemption through his blood. We were in devil‘s hands but Jesus bought us back with His blood

It says in the Bible – those that confess Jesus in public will be confessed by Jesus to God the Father as well. Those that are ashamed of Jesus – Jesus will be ashamed of them too.

When people start spiritual journey they may have to go through “desert” – e.g. tests if you will do a good deed, attacks of disgusting thoughts, etc. Jesus was tested in the desert by the devil too.

Safest and unsafest places during Tribulation
I think it’s safest to be in a village in a remote place with some water and food.

An idol can be not only gold or silver, but also your wife, children, social media on the phone or whatever occupies the first place in your life instead of God.

The biggest lies in Christianity teachings
– Jesus is not God
Truth – Jesus is also God

Lie – Holy Spirit is energy
Truth – Holy Spirit is a being just like God the Father and Jesus – He has feelings and so on, it’s NOT energy

Lie – Jesus is the first God’s creation
Truth – Jesus is also God

Lie – Jesus’ mother Mary did not have immaculate conception
Truth – Jesus’ mother Mary gave a virgin birth

When will gold prices increase ?

God is never early, he likes to help people at the last minute so I think both rapture and things like gold/silver price increases will happen at the last minute before it gets really bad.

How to prepare physically ?
I think it may be wise to have a water filter for lake/river water, emergency food, solar light battery chargers, and thermal underclothes for winter period. I have some extremely valuable information on how to prepare physically but not sure if I can share it due to copyright restrictions (there is info how to make water out of thin air, aquaponics, etc.) – if any one is interested please contact me but I will need to consider copyright laws.

For better spirituality it is best to avoid fluoride, e.g. in the toothpaste – seek a fluoride free toothpaste and flouride-free mouthwash (e.g. designed for children). Fluoride is rat’s poison and is no good for you (Google “Fluoride is rat’s poison). Instead of things like fluoride spend more time in the sunshine – that’s a great spirituality practice.

Sometimes we need to pray for years till we get an answer from God. One day for God is as a thousand years for us. But you can’t be angry or murmur against God, he is extremely good, it’s just this world is in the influence of devil, for example when a person says a prayer sometimes God dispatches angels to fulfil the request, but devil’s angels interfere and delay the delivery for a month for example. If during that time the person has stopped praying – the prayer request is cancelled. Sometimes God refuses to answer a prayer, because he wants the person to pay attention to his mistakes e.g. lies or gossip. Sometimes God works just in a mysterious way – not all prayers are answered and only in paradise we will know why.

The last advice

In the bible there is 5 wise virgins and 5 foolish virgin parable. The essence of it – you need to be filled with Holy Spirit in order to get into rapture and this may be done by reading the Bible. I am not sure, but reading Bible daily may even be a requirement (well maybe not, but a plus for sure), in any way please read your Bible. Praying as often as possible is also crucial.

Please send my website address to all your friends and relatives – it can be an easy, but very important thing to do. Spreading gospel is very important because it may determine where another person spends eternity and God will bless you for your efforts. Thank you.

You can change your eternal destiny by praying and believing in Jesus.

In conclusion, in future there may be attempts to change our perception of religion and faith but always stay loyal to God The Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit no matter what you see in the sky, because Bible warns us of a huge deception, even many believers may be deceived (E.g. by aliens or fake Jesus).

Best prayers

Lord Jesus, I believe that you are the Son of God, you died for us so you could give us eternal life and you resurrected from the dead. I confess that I am lost, worthy of condemnation sinner. I can not save myself or redeem my sins. I accept your sacrifice that you paid for me. Please save me and wash away my sins with your precious blood. Please create a new heart in me. I turn away from sin and give my life to You. I confess that you are my Lord and Saviour. I believe that you answered my prayer and my name is now written in the book of Life. Thank you for forgiving my sins. From now on I am a child of God. I am sorry that I did not believe You, I am sorry for my sinful way of living in the past. Amen.

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name; thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Come, Holy Spirit,
fill the hearts of your faithful,
and enkindle in us the fire of your love.
Send forth your Spirit and we shall be created,
and you shall renew the face of the earth.

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Thank you

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